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‘What If?’ Season 2 Episode 4 Recap — Tony Ought to’ve Gotten Shawarma As an alternative

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Editor’s notice: The beneath incorporates spoilers for What If…? Season 2, Episode 4.

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  • What If…? Season 2, Episode 4 continues the continuing narrative of the Guardians of the Multiverse and explores Gamora’s rise to greatness.
  • Tony Stark finds himself trapped on Sakaar after crashing into the Grandmaster’s palace, and Gamora seeks revenge on him.
  • Tony and Gamora kind an unlikely alliance and staff as much as take down Thanos, showcasing Gamora’s development and choice to outline her personal identification.

4 episodes in and we have our first “Beforehand On”! If What If…? goes to inform tales with universe-altering penalties, it is pure that they will not have the ability to satisfyingly conclude all of them in a 30-minute block. The continued narratives all through this season of What If…? could be one among my larger frustrations total, however Episode 4, “What If…Iron Man Crashed Into the Grandmaster?” holds the unusual distinction of each being a continuation of Season 1, and one thing wholly new as nicely.


What If…?

Primarily based on the Marvel Comics sequence of the identical title, this animated anthology appears to be like at alternate timelines within the multiverse that will occur if particular moments within the MCU occurred otherwise.

Launch Date
August 11, 2021

A. C. Bradley



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What Is ‘What If…?’ Season 2 Episode 4 About?

The Watcher (Jeffrey Wright) begins by reminding us concerning the so-called “Guardians of the Multiverse,” the band of heroes that united to cease Ultron (Ross Marquand) after he gained management of the entire Infinity Stones. This story he desires to inform now, he says, is about how Gamora (Cynthia McWilliams) rose to greatness to develop into one of many aforementioned Guardians — however tells us her story started inside another person’s, specifically Tony Stark’s (Mick Wingert).

On this universe, Tony is ready to ship the nuclear warhead aimed toward New York by way of the wormhole on time, however the portal closes behind him, stopping him from returning house and getting shawarma with the crew. Thankfully, quite than dying alone within the chilly, airless vacuum of area, Tony as a substitute hurtles by way of presumably one other wormhole and crash-lands in the Grandmaster’s (Jeff Goldblum) palace on Sakaar. Tony’s seen his justifiable share of bizarre stuff not too long ago, however this takes the cake. The Grandmaster is past excited to see Tony, “Mr. Steel Mojo Man,” the one who defeated the Chitauri. Very similar to in Thor: Ragnarok, what was a number of seconds for Tony has been a number of days for everybody on Sakaar.

Tony is keen to return house, particularly figuring out that they received and that Pepper Potts is alive, however The Grandmaster insists he keep for a celebration, even enlisting Topaz’s (Rachel Home) assist, through not-so-veiled threats. The celebration in query entails a visit to the battle enviornment, now performing as a racecourse. Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) is among the racers, and fully dominates the competitors — that’s, till her automotive flips over, and she or he’s pelted with tin cans and lovable chinchillas. The Grandmaster units an enormous, elephant-like beast on the remaining racers, together with Korg (Taika Waititi), and Tony cannot stand by and watch anymore, suiting up and becoming a member of everybody down within the enviornment. He tries to cease the creature utilizing his repulsors, however they malfunction. Someway the beast explodes anyway.

Gamora Tries to Kill Tony Stark in ‘What If…?’ Season 2 Episode 4

Picture through Disney+

The rationale? Gamora, who has arrived particularly to hunt revenge on Tony Stark. The 2 of them are arrested and locked up in a big room with just one mattress. However this does not go down romance novel trope alley for 2 fundamental causes: 1. Korg can be in there with them, and a couple of. Gamora remains to be making an attempt to kill Tony. Learn sufficient romance novels, and neither of this stuff actually really feel like deterrents, however I digress. Tony lastly calls for Gamora inform him who she is and why she desires him lifeless. She introduces herself as a daughter of Thanos, which looks like clarification sufficient, and can be cause sufficient for Tony to override the door and depart. Korg joins him, however they shut the door, locking Gamora in earlier than she will be able to observe.

Korg completely messes up Tony’s makes an attempt to subtly sneak out, and their ensuing argument offers Gamora sufficient time to catch up in spite of everything. She blows up their experience out, in addition to the wall behind it, which is sufficient to alert the Grandmaster, who orders the individuals of Sakaar to trace Tony down. Tony nonetheless would not see why Thanos desires him lifeless till Gamora spells it out for him: the Chitauri have been despatched by Thanos as a part of his plan. Tony is shocked, however then once more, he did not have entry to The Avengers‘ mid-credits scene to shed some gentle on issues.

Tony vents his loss and frustration out on Gamora, unintentionally throwing her personal trauma again in her face, till he lastly overhears the Grandmaster’s message to the individuals, and realizes what a very horrible, corrupt chief he’s. He leaves Gamora behind, resolved to cease the Grandmaster “simply to piss [her] off” earlier than taking the struggle on to Thanos. Pay attention, Tony/Pepper are nice, Peter/Gamora are nice, however all this bitter snappy, forwards and backwards banter? Shade me Tony/Gamora curious.

Gamora is apprehended by Topaz as soon as once more — although not for lengthy — as Tony and Korg head out to discover a driver to assist them with their scheme. They arrive throughout Valkyrie within the bar, and Tony appeals to her reckless, adrenaline-junkie nature. She would not assume he can do it, however the two kind an alliance anyway. Tony builds himself a modified Iron Man go well with and hijacks the Grandmaster’s hologram system to broadcast his threats to all of Sakaar. He challenges the Grandmaster to a race for management of the planet. Topaz rightfully factors out that there is no want for this, because the Grandmaster already controls the planet, however luckily for Tony and for the plot, the Grandmaster is an fool and accepts the problem.

It is Mad Max meets Mario Kart‘s Rainbow Highway because the racers converge on the sector, with Gamora and Valkyrie additionally collaborating. As issues get tense and fiery, Tony questions Gamora’s motivations for following her father’s orders. So far as he can see, she would not have a lot of an identification exterior of “daughter of Thanos” and no operate exterior what he calls for of her, and he tries to persuade her to decide on higher for herself.

Tony Stark Meets Thanos in ‘What If…?’ Season 2 Episode 4

Tony Stark holding up the Infinity Gauntlet in What If...?
Picture through Disney+

Gamora in the end helps Tony out of a good spot — and at last offers him her title — however this does not imply they’re buddies now. The race comes right down to Tony versus the Grandmaster, which Tony simply barely wins. The Grandmaster declares that since he’s the one to call a winner, he chooses himself. An unintentional run-in with Topaz’s melting stick takes him completely out of the working (although would not kill him, because the mid-credits scene reveals), and the gang winds up crowning Valkyrie their king.

Tony turns down a suggestion to remain and assist Valkyrie, opting to return house to Pepper as a substitute. His plans, nevertheless, are thwarted when Gamora sneaks up on him and takes him to satisfy Thanos (Josh Brolin). What appears to be like at first like a double-cross seems to be a triple-cross when Tony and Gamora staff as much as take down the Mad Titan with Topaz’s melting stick.

Whereas the title of this episode does an apt job organising the premise, The Watcher’s declare that it is a story about Gamora turning into a Guardian of the Multiverse seems like a little bit of a stretch. Sure, she has a change of coronary heart, and claims her personal identification, as a substitute of only a connection to her father. However probably the most fascinating elements of this shift occur off-screen. The first perspective on this episode is, because the title suggests, Tony’s. At no level will we see Gamora wrestle with what Tony is telling her. Their most fascinating heart-to-heart, concocting the plan to take down Thanos, in all probability occurred en path to see him, and we by no means see that. It’s a huge leap of logic to go from “do not outline your self by your father” to “stab your father within the coronary heart” (the Kylo Ren arc, I wish to name it), and whereas it’s plausible, I do not see how Tony’s half-shouted speech was sufficient to push her over that line. This was undoubtedly a cool episode, however with all due respect to The Watcher, this wasn’t actually Gamora’s story.

The primary 4 episodes of What If…? Season 2 are streaming now on Disney+.

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