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Scott Pilgrim’s “You Know Sonic the Hedgehog?”

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Scott Pilgrim’s “You Know Sonic the Hedgehog?” refers to a scene from the 2023 anime sequence Scott Pilgrim Takes Off during which protagonist Scott Pilgrim approaches character Ramona Flowers, opening the dialog by telling her a factoid about Sonic the Hedgehog. In November 2023, the scene gained recognition as a meme format, with customers captioning photographs from the scene with little identified information about their fandoms, or just referencing them.


On November seventeenth, anime sequence Scott Pilgrim Takes Off, based mostly on the Scott Pilgrim comedian e book sequence, premiered. Within the first episode of the anime, Scott Pilgrim approaches character Ramona Flowers at a celebration and strikes a dialog together with her, opening by telling her a factoid about Sonic the Hedgehog (nonetheless picture proven under).


You already know Sonic the Hedgehog? You most likely know this, however within the early 90s, there have been two totally different Sonic cartoons airing on the identical time. One was darkish and dramatic. The opposite was a hilarious comedy about chili canines. And the identical man performed Sonic in each reveals. Is not that wild? The identical man taking part in two totally different variations of the identical man?

On November 18th, 2023, X person @milomorales9 posted the earliest discovered meme based mostly on the scene, dubbing the clip over with a speech about Sonic Frontiers. The video (proven under) acquired over 80 reposts and 600 likes in two days.


Beginning on November 18th, the scene noticed unfold on X / Twitter as a meme format, with customers captioning nonetheless photographs with references to numerous media franchises and memes. For instance, on that day person @NoponDigi posted a model about Xenoblade Chronicles that acquired over 770 reposts and 4,900 likes on X in two days (proven under, left). Later that day, person @M1das_OW2 used the format for a meme about Skibidi Bathroom that gained over 2,600 reposts and 27,000 likes in the identical interval (proven under, proper).

Digi @NoponDigi Midas @M1das_OW2 "Sooo... you've heard of Skibidi Toilet?" XXX 11:03 PM . Nov 18, 2023 · 392.6K Views HES

The format noticed extra use within the following days, with customers generally using it to share obscure information about numerous media franchises.

Numerous Examples

Clown Town @SUPER_UN_STABLE Albino Broccoli VTuber @_Blind Nostalgia "Sooo... you've heard of WikiFeet?" 4 4:30 PM . Nov 19, 2023 407 Views "I : Hood Brook @Gelzazz
edith @yurienthusiastt So... have you heard of Homestuck? 2:31 PM . Nov 19, 2023 43.2K Views G : lav♡ @scaryberryz_ So....you heard of cookie run? TTT 8:33 PM . Nov 19, 2023 7,804 Views : Peebles F&C SPOILERS @TWO_SWORDS_ "Sooo you heard of Adventure time?" : "...did you know that ice king's voice actor knew marceline's voice actress when she was a bay and would sometimes baby sit her? isn't that crazy haha!..” 8:55 AM • Nov 20, 2023 1.3M Views



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