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Quantum Leap Ought to At all times Use A number of Holograms

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That modified in the latest episode of season 2, “A Sort of Magic” the place Ian (Mason Alexander Park), Jenn (Nanrisa Lee), and Addison all acquired an opportunity to be the hologram and assist Ben keep away from demise after being accused of witchcraft in 1692. First up was Ian, who used their means as a hologram nobody else can see or hear to pay attention to gossip across the city to get Ben in control on what he was coping with. Jenn, after researching the historical past of the city, runs in to advise Ben on the way to get out of being placed on trial. Addison even will get again into the combo after being on the sidelines for a lot of the season when she’s the one one who can clarify to Ben what he must do to maintain the city from killing him.

This use of various characters leaping out and in of hologram responsibility was not only a blast to see; it supplied some a lot wanted connection between the normally separate plots of what’s taking place on the leap and the goings on on the Mission. As an alternative of Ian and Jenn off on some B story, they’re concerned with the leap and their scenes are immediately impacted by how they’re serving to Ben. With Ian as hologram, Jenn is pressured into their ordinary responsibility of analysis, made doubly troublesome for her as a result of there aren’t any laptop information so she’s pressured to make use of archives on the library. This results in a hilarious comedy bit the place Jenn, lugging a large stack of books into the Mission, yells at Ian about what she’s discovered. She has to hurry into hologram responsibility as a result of there isn’t time to elucidate.

Even once they aren’t appearing as Ben’s hologram we get enjoyable methods being on the leap impacts them. Ian conducts a séance to try to get assist from their grandmother whereas Jenn rolls her eyes at all of it. Addison, left on the sidelines, has a coronary heart to coronary heart with Magic the place we lastly get some perception into her diminished function on the Mission. First she was presupposed to be the leaper and now, pressured out as a hologram, she describes herself as “the worst intern ever.” Whereas Ian and Jenn bicker, Addison places the items collectively on the way to save Ben and because the different two can’t clarify it correctly to him, Addison is pressured to go in. 

On the finish of the episode Ben lastly will get previous the awkwardness with Addison and asks her to be his hologram. This makes it appear that Addison shall be again to full-time hologram responsibility however we hope that isn’t the case. The range on this episode was a terrific change of tempo and it let the underutilized characters of Ian and Jenn shine. Sooner or later it’d be nice to see extra of the totally different dynamics and viewpoints a number of leapers would deliver to a plot, better of which being that for Ian and Jenn? The concept of being a hologram is tremendous enjoyable! The 2 actively compete over who will get the respect of doing it, which helps preserve a way of enjoyable within the collection not simply within the Leap plots however within the Mission scenes as nicely. 

This will sound like an indictment on Addison because the hologram however this season has demonstrated that giving her materials to work with out exterior the leaps provides her extra depth as a personality. Spreading the function of hologram round to everybody within the solid, even Magic (Ernie Hudson) and Tom (Peter Gadiot) acquired turns earlier within the season, would result in a extra enjoyable, dynamic, and higher structured Quantum Leap transferring ahead.

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