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70 Humorous Greek Mythology Jokes By way of Historic Gods

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Greek mythology, steeped in tales of gods, goddesses, and heroes, is a pivotal a part of Western cultural heritage. From Zeus, the king of gods, to Hercules, recognized for his power, these tales mix human traits with pure phenomena. They served as explanations for the pure world and human experiences, crammed with drama, epic battles, and sophisticated relationships. The myths, wealthy in scandal and drama, usually are not simply relics of the previous however proceed to affect trendy tradition and literature.

The realm of Greek mythology jokes faucets into the humorous potential of those historic tales. Image Zeus juggling his advanced household dynamics or Hercules making an attempt to navigate on a regular basis life with superhuman power. There’s humor in modernizing these myths: envision Aphrodite navigating relationship apps or Apollo as a modern-day rock star. Puns abound, like a winking Cyclops or Poseidon having a ‘whale’ of a time. These jokes mix historic tales with up to date life, highlighting the timeless nature of those mythological characters and their enduring enchantment throughout ages.

Historic Greek Mythology Jokes

What’s Sisyphus’ least favourite band?
Rolling Stones.

Don’t you’re feeling like, in mythology, Neptune is only a copy of Poseidon?
Like whoever created Neptune actually learn what Poseidon’s major powers had been and was like “Ctrl C”!

Which Greek God beloved to gather animals?

Yo mama so fats, the Greeks referred to as her Gaia.

What do you name a Greek goddess with no goal?

Who does Polyphemus hate greater than Odysseus?
No person.

Knock, knock.
(Who’s there?)
(Oh No!)

If the Roman model of Demeter is Ceres, what’s the American model of Demeter?
Da yard.

Don’t you know the way nice the goddess Athena was?
Even Zeus was open minded when she was born.

Yo mama so ugly, Athena’s curse made her look higher.

What’s Poseidon’s favourite instrument?
The ocean bass.

Why don’t Greek gods insult folks anymore?
As a result of Icarus already had the sickest burn.

The God of the Solar has burnt thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of individuals…
However that’s okay, as a result of he Apollo-gized.

Why does Cerberus just like the underworld a lot?
Due to the Styx.

Simply bear in mind Greek Mythology in a nutshell:
Zeus: I’m gonna f**okay it.
All people: No, don’t.
Zeus: Too laTE!

What do you name a son of Zeus with a nasty chilly?
A Phlegmigod.

What do you name it when the goddess of data has no mates?
Pal-less Athena.

What do you name the Greek God of Humor?

Yo mama so fats, Sisyphus stated “Aw hell naw, gimme a boulder to push up that hill as a substitute.”

Which approach does a Cyclops wing it’s eyeliner?
It doesn’t matter, as a result of No person goes to note.

What’s used to speak between Hades and Olympus?
A Persephone.

What did Zeus put on beneath his toga?

Zeus is providing a seat in his Pantheon for the primary particular person to finish his trials of power.
An esteemed hero of all males approaches Olympus and thinks ‘Hey, why the hell not? If I lose I could also be dissatisfied, but when I win I’ll be a part of the legendary Gods of the Pantheon!’
So he makes his method to Zeus, excited to see what’s in retailer for him so as to show his price to the Gods. Alongside the way in which, he sees dozens of noble warriors, bodybuilders, and others laying on the bottom, devastated. Their absolute and utter exhaustion is displayed clearly by the swimming pools of sweat beneath them, and the sound of wheezing will be heard from over 50 yards away. The hero is now involved, these males seem like very robust and match, however he’s extra so than all of them. Additional, he sees Hercules, Chuck Norris, and even Atlas, who held up all the world for numerous years, receiving medical consideration for his or her palms that are shaking uncontrollably. The hero is extraordinarily apprehensive and closely considers turning again. If these nice males couldn’t greatest the problem of power, then how may I? However the prospect of turning into a god was too tempting, and he pressed ahead.
The hero had lastly reached Zeus who was holding a jar of peanut butter. “Welcome, nice hero. For those who want to turn into a god you should full 4 feats of power. Here’s a jar of peanut butter. Please open the jar with out utilizing any scorching water.” The hero took the jar, and whereas tight, introduced no problem as he opened it with no grimace.
“Superb,” says Zeus. “For the following problem, you should carry 8 baggage of groceries in a single journey, with out dropping any or breaking the eggs.” As a person, the hero has performed this numerous occasions earlier than, so he was not notably apprehensive. He picked up 4 in a single hand and 4 within the different, and carried them over to Zeus’s fridge.
“You give me hope, challenger! Maybe somebody will be capable of full my challenges in any case. The feats improve in issue, after all, so be ready for this subsequent one! I’ve lodged my sword on this slab of granite. Retrieve the sword for me and I’ll current you the ultimate problem.” The hero begins to tug on the sword, and it is vitally tough. He notices the sword wiggle barely, which provides him simply sufficient confidence to unlodge the sword utilizing most of his may. He presents the sword to Zeus.
“Hero, you might have accomplished the primary 3 trials and just one stays. No mortal man has made it this far, and it’s so far as Hercules, Chuck Norris, and all the good heroes have made it; however none have succeeded. Full this, and also you shall have a seat within the legendary Pantheon.
Zeus holds out his hand and says “Right here is an uncracked pistachio. Open it.”

Which Goddess is 3.37 toes tall?

Why is Medusa one of the best drug seller?
One look and also you’re stoned.

What did the King of the Underworld say when Zeus gave him a present he didn’t like?
“I hades.”

What did the Minotaur order at Starbucks?
Half calf.

What do you name the Greek God of Remorse?

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Why don’t the opposite Olympians hang around with Dionysus?
All he does is wine.

What do you name it when Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon band collectively to repair a pc?
The Greek Squad.

In Historic Greek mythology, Chiron was a half-horse, half-human physician.
He was the Centaur for Illness Management.

Whereas doing a crossword, the Cyclops requested his spouse, “How do you spell Hawaii?”
She replied, “You want two i’s.”
Cyclops growled, “My life is only a massive joke to you, isn’t it?”

What did Zeus say to Atlas?
“Maintain up.”

What do you name a small Minotaur?
A Minitaur.

Why did parking tickets improve after Persephone was kidnapped?
Demeter wasn’t working.

What do you name a Greek god who desires to shed weight?
A Diety.

How do Greek gods make an apology to 1 one other?
”I Apollo-gise’!’

What do Aphrodite and Ryan Seacrest have in frequent?
They’re each produced from seafoam.

What do you name the Greek God of Unhealthy Spelling?

How lengthy does it take to get by a labyrinth?
A minotaur two.

What do you name a Greek primordial god who can’t swim?

Why does Zeus make horrible pizza?
As a result of he doesn’t know when to tug out.

Polyphemus the Cyclops learns his assaulter’s title and yells to Poseidon to strike him down Poseidon asks why.
Polyphemus replied, “He’s O-dissing-us!”

Why was the Greek God Apollo named that?
As a result of he was a hen.

Do you know that the Greek god Chronos was within the Mafia?
He was the Don of Time itself!

Son: Dad, why’d you title me Oddesyus? He’s from Greek mythology.
Dad: Properly son, you broke by the trojan wall.

Isn’t it loopy each planet is called after a Greek God aside from Earth?
It’s simply named after that stuff on the bottom.

Which of the Greek gods all the time complained of feeling distant?

What did Zeus use to make one of the best fries ever?
Historic Greece.

You understand how in Greek Mythology individuals who died tragically had been generally positioned among the many stars by the Gods?
That’s a constellation prize.

What do you name a Greek god from Hawaii?

What do Greek Gods do when screws get free?
They Titan them.

What do you say when a Greek mythological hen desires to enter your room?
“Joaquin phoenix.”

What did Odysseus say to the depressed Cyclops?
“No person cares.”

What’s it referred to as when Hermes and Aphrodite have intercourse?

Why is Apollo’s sister really easy to search out?
As a result of she’s Onerous-temis.

Jesus and Zeus stroll right into a bar.
Everybody inside yells “Hey Zeus!”

There have been rumors spreading that Zeus had been dishonest on his spouse with different girls.
Nevertheless it was all simply Hera-say!

Why was the Greek god arrested?
As a result of it dedicated a misDEMETER.

Why didn’t Jupiter find out about Zeus?
He was Mythinformed.

What’s the title of the creator who writes kids’s books about mythology?
Dr. Zeus.

Why would Prometheus make an excellent postman?
It includes quite a lot of de-livering!

The Solar God Helios was hungover right now. Unable to elevate his radiant physique off the bed he simply caught his blazing naked bum over the horizon,
It was the morning time.

Did you hear the joke in regards to the defend from Greek mythology?
Many would assume so, it’s been round for aegis.

Oedipus, Aphrodite and Midas stroll right into a bar.
Overlook the remainder however I can guarantee you it’s mother-f*cking gold.

Did you hear in regards to the man who used to obsess over Jeanne D’Arc, Tomoe Gozen, and the Goddess Athena?
It’s a disgrace he died of a Heroine overdose.

They are saying your physique is a temple, and mine is the Temple of Aphrodite,
Destroyed and in ruins.

Yo mama so ugly even Zeus wouldn’t f**okay her.

Have you ever heard of the Historic Greek hero Bophades?
He’s rather a lot like Achilles, however as a substitute, his weak level was his groin. You’ve heard of Achilles Heel however do you know about Bophades’ nuts?!

Who was the Greek god of cleavage?

Do you might have a humorous joke about Greek gods and goddesses? Write down your individual puns within the remark part beneath!

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