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5 Tragic Origins Behind Well-known Cartoon Character Quirks

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Each iconic cartoon character has their very own distinctive trait, signature quirk or attribute that helps outline them. Bugs Bunny has his catchphrase: “What’s up, Doc?” Woody Woodpecker has that maniacal snort. Winnie the Pooh has a crippling dependancy to honey. Critically, should you’re rolling round in a mud puddle to disguise your self as a rain cloud simply to get your subsequent repair, please search assist instantly.

Though many of those characters have been created purely to entertain/distract youngsters, some iconic hooks have surprisingly miserable origin tales, like how…

Garfield Loves Lasagna As a result of He Used to Reside in an Italian Restaurant

What will we find out about Garfield? He hates Mondays (regardless of not having a job and/or any duties dictated by the beginning of the week), his proprietor Jon as soon as casually chugged canine semen and he simply loooves lasagna.

Garfield’s penchant for Italian delicacies has an oddly unhappy in-universe rationalization. In keeping with the guide Garfield at Giant, the titular feline was “born within the kitchen of an Italian restaurant on a winter’s evening in 1978.” Whereas residing at Mamma Leoni’s Italian Restaurant, Garfield “rolled within the ravioli and ate all of the lasagna in sight.”

Earlier than Mamma Leoni’s even acquired the possibility to be shut down by the well being inspector, the proprietor determined to promote Garfield to a pet retailer, fearing that Garfield’s urge for food would put him out of enterprise. However Garfield retained his style for lasagna, a lingering reminder of his formative years and the proprietor who heartlessly solid him apart.

And judging from the latest trailer, the upcoming Garfield origin film’s story additionally entails an Italian restaurant and a complete lot of pathos.

After all, no Garfield-Italian eatery narrative is kind of as unhappy as the grim story of the real-life failed Garfield pizza joint.

Popeye’s Spinach Habit Was a Direct Results of the Nice Despair

Regardless of his title now being synonymous with fried rooster sandwiches and sweet cigarettes for youngsters, Popeye’s solely vice is spinach, which, within the Popeye-verse, principally works like black magic-infused, vegan PEDs.

In actual life, few sailors used leafy inexperienced greens to jack themselves up throughout bar fights. Popeye’s love of spinach was a direct results of the Nice Despair. Particularly, the U.S. authorities was attempting to “promote iron-rich spinach as a meat substitute” and enlisted Popeye to assist the trigger. This explains the brief by which Popeye belligerently argues with youngsters about why spinach is healthier than hamburgers.

Popeye’s propaganda labored: spinach gross sales “skyrocketed.” The plan additionally concerned hyping canned items to Individuals who have been in want of emergency rations, which is why Popeye hardly ever loved recent spinach. Though, presumably, the common American couldn’t simply open a can by squeezing it like a tube of toothpaste.

Donald Duck’s Anger Points Stem From His Deep-Rooted Anxiousness

Other than making groundbreaking scientific discoveries and battling Hitler, Donald Duck is most well-known for consistently shedding his shit at inopportune moments.

Within the latest, surprisingly nice DuckTales reboot, we lastly acquired an evidence for Donald’s power anger points, and it’s weirdly poignant. Within the episode “What Ever Occurred to Donald Duck?!” we meet Donald’s anger-management counselor, who reveals the “supply” of his fury: Donald’s issues “stem from a worry that the world is out to get him. And that nobody understands him. Fairly actually.”

So possibly if Walt Disney had made him barely extra understandable, Donald wouldn’t have turn out to be a rage-filled arsonist.

Kite-Man’s Catchphrase Is a Reference to His Lifeless Son

Followers of DC’s ultraviolent, definitely-not-for-kids animated collection Harley Quinn might be acquainted with Kite-Man, the traditionally lame Batman villain, who’s now getting his personal spin-off collection: Kite-Man: Hell Yeah!

The present’s subtitle, “Hell yeah!” is, in fact, Kite-Man’s catchphrase. Whereas it could sound pretty innocuous, one latest comedian revealed the hidden layers of tragedy beneath this pithy motto. In Tom King’s Batman run, there was a Kite-Man origin story by which the goofiest potential villain’s son is tragically murdered by the Riddler. We additionally see that his late baby originated the “Hell yeah” expression throughout a father-son day of kite-flying, which is a bit like discovering out that the Condiment King’s spouse perished in a freak accident on the Heinz manufacturing facility.

Porky Pig’s Stutter Was a Actual Situation That Precipitated the Actor to Be Fired

The Looney Tunes bench of basic characters is filled with individuals and animals with pronounced speech impediments, from Elmer Fudd to Daffy Duck to the enormous rooster that went on to encourage Daniel Craig. However maybe none is extra well-known than Porky Pig, whose trademark stutter will without end be related to the phrase “That’s all people!”

Whereas Porky could have been conceived of as a sweaty, stuttering swine earlier than his first look in 1935, his acquainted cadence was created by voice actor Joe Dougherty, who was employed as a result of he actually did have “a extreme stutter.”

Sadly, this story doesn’t have a cheerful ending. Dougherty was fired after simply two years of voicing Porky. Why? As a result of his stutter extended the recording classes, which the studio finally determined have been turning into “too costly.” As soon as Dougherty was given the boot, he was changed with Mel Blanc, whose faux stutter proved to be far cheaper. 

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